Monday, August 9, 2010

Kindergarten Kid

Our little man was off to school today. And, as Uncle Greg pointed out, it is 8.9.10 which I will now always remember the date that he started! He had a great day and was very talkative when he got home. Apologies to the relatives that didn't get to speak to him. After his first interview, he was declining others. Poor kid should've had a press conference!

Here he is at breakfast, a little nervous about the bus. He had a couple of questions about it that I could tell were on his mind. Here I am explaining a few things about the layout of the school and what time he's able to go to his classroom.
He was feeling better after some pancakes and a rundown of what to expect.

Representing his future school!

The bus arrived a little early which surprised all of us and was a good thing in the end. Kept me from choking up...until I got back inside that is.

This image has been burned in my brain.

And then, he sat down on the bus, slid over to the window (just as Justin told him he used to like to do) and looked out it and the bus drove down the street. Justin then decided to follow the bus and try to get a picture of him getting off at school. Justin accidentally went in the car rider entrance but was able to get some pictures. Turns out, Brice spotted Justin and knew he had turned in the wrong entrance! I think this made Brice feel good to know that his Daddy was right behind him or maybe vice versa!
And, then Anna and I went about our day with minimal tears. I cried again around lunch time when I was looking at other people's first days on facebook. Just started thinking that maybe he was scared or uncomfortable about something. After that I was good though. Anna and I went to Sam's, played, read "Where's Baby's Belly Button?" about ten times, and napped.

I was so excited though when this happened...
And, he got a new bike! Don't worry, this isn't going to happen every year! He was just way overdue for a bigger bike and I think it worked out nicely that he got it on his first day of "big school". Next year, he'll have to settle for some freshly baked cookies or something.
It's official: We have a Kindergarten Kid!


Kelly said...

Aww, I love it. I love every single pic you posted. I'm so excited and proud of him. I wanted to talk to him yesterday but my Mom told me that he was declining interviews. Ha! I told her that he probably talked his head off all day and was just over it. Now he knows how I feel every day after work. Ha! I'm so glad that he had a great day. I knew that he would. Cool new bike too!

Lauren said...

Way to go Brice! Why does my throat have a lump??? We're 3 years out :)

Emily said...

Oh snap!! You did it again!! I got all teary just at the pictures on Facebook and then you add the commentary AND Justin's pictures...where's my Kleenex? :)

{ang} said...

I really can't handle this post...seriously. Sniff.

P.S. LOVE the Georgia backpack :)