Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, the 13th, Again!

Crazy kids! We've had a good week. Brice has adjusted to school very well. He is tired but hopefully can recover a little this weekend. Today marks my nine year anniversary at Northside. This is so hard for me to believe. Sometimes I feel like I've just started there and then other times I realize how many changes I've see happen there and know I'm now a veteran!

Today is also 20 months for our little Anna bug. Getting closer and closer to that big 2 years old! She is crazy. Running around, saying new words every day. She loves to help out with anything. She loves Justin and I equally but usually picks one of us as her favorite for the day. Some days I swear she would crawl back inside me if she could, she just can't get close enough to me. She loves her babies or any baby for that matter and likes to care for them, feeding them her sippy cup or pancake and then wiping their mouth off. Yesterday, she was telling "Emily" to "si, si" (sit, sit) as I was putting her in her chair. She loves Thomas the Train, and Hello Kitty. And over the past week, I have found GUM in her mouth twice. She finds a package (which has now been moved to the top of the pantry), opens a piece, and walks over to the trash can saying, "trash, trash" while she's smacking away! Brice taught her how to spit it out so she comes to the trash can and spits her gum in when she gets caught! I need an extra set of eyes for her.

So, on this Friday the 13th, we are very blessed. To see why we love the 13's, you can re-read this post if you like!

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Kelly said...

Congrats on 9 years at Northside. I always knew you had a hard job, but until I actually watched you in action, I had no idea. Think of all the tiny babies and families you've had such a wonderful impact on!