Tuesday, September 28, 2010


For those of you who follow the Dawgs or any college team for that matter know that this season has been filled with Heartbreak. I, for one, am still in shock about how the Dawgs have been playing. Of course I don't want them to lose but it's more the way they are losing than anything. I see no fire, no spark on that sideline as if not one player knows what an honor it is to be playing for the University of Georgia. Many people have asked what Justin thinks and to be honest he is very quiet about the whole thing. I don't know if he too is in shock, just disappointed or disgusted with the happenings on and off the field. For me, it is so hard to see Brice get so pumped up every week, ask "Dad, are we going to beat such and such a team?" and then wake up the next morning or look at me when the other team scores with a depleted face. So, for the most part, we don't know what is going on in Athens, but it is rotten. Like I said, it's not that we're losing, it's the way we're doing it. And it's heartbreaking.

As for the jersey that Brice is wearing. It was given to Justin before the Tech game in 2000 before the game in the locker room. It was the wrong size and the wrong number. So, he took it anyway and gave it to me. They switched it out and gave him the correct size and number, number 24. I put it on that night, after we lost and had my picture made in it. (I can't find the picture). Anyway, Justin didn't seem upset after that loss and I couldn't figure out why. A week later, he proposed. And the name on the back of that jersey, the right name, would soon become mine.


Anonymous said...

Actually, they lost my #24 somehow and were scrambling to find it, so a student manager ran back to the equipment room and put my name on this #25. By the time he got back to Sanford, they'd found my #24. And he stuffed that #25 in my bag and told me he didn't see a thing ;-)

Kelly said...

Definite bummer for the Dawgs but Brice sure does look cute in that jersey. I hope the Dawgs get it together too!