Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years Later

Nine years ago, I was still orienting at Northside when the Twin Towers fell. I didn't see the images until about 8pm that night. While the majority of the world stopped, the NICU didn't. It was a weird feeling knowing that parts of our country were in devastation and I just had to keep working. And here we are Nine Years Later, on a Saturday in September where most of us have healed, most have moved on, but no one will forget. Overall, it was a good day, a day spent with loved ones and proud moments.

Brice ran this morning in our neighborhood's Sterling Stampede Tot Trot. It is 1/2 mile run from our clubhouse to the treehouse and back. The 5K follows for the adults. Brice did awesome and was pleased with himself which always makes me proud. After he ran, I was a volunteer on the course for the 5K. Before the race, the middle school chorus sang the National Anthem and I admit I teared up thinking about 9/11.

Brice and I before the race.At the starting line.
Racing to the treehouse. After he turned around to head back to the clubhouse, he asked Justin if he could run with him for a little bit. He didn't want to stop running and needed a boost.
Here is Anna, looking for her big brother. Or not. She was more concerned about the Chick-fil-A cow that was there and where it was going and if it was coming get her!

"What are you looking for Anna? Brice?"
As the kids were approaching the finish line, Brice raced ahead of another kid to beat him out! Good job Brice! Here he is having a little Gatorade afterwards.
And, a ribbon! Although, I think he was more excited about the t-shirt.
And, I must say, as bad as the Dawgs played and as much as I like to see them win, this little guy and his excitement on game day keeps the negativity at bay. He was busy setting all of our Georgia things out, i.e. blankets, old tickets, stuffed Uga's, programs, pillows to make the room look red and black. After half time, he found our car flags and brought them in and told Justin they could wave them for the Dawgs. I only wished that was all Georgia needed. And my favorite quote of the day, "Dad, all the games won't be the same." Let's hope not! Proud to be a Georgia Bulldog.
B.A. Green substituting while A.J. Green is out. Hopefully, little B.A. won't be selling his jersey to anyone. ;)

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