Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Update

I feel as though it has been a while since I actually typed something out. We haven't been up to anything special but it seems we remain busy. This past week, Brice has been feeling under the weather with some type of stomach virus. Thankfully, there has been minimal output if you know what I mean. However, there hasn't been much input either just lots of complaining about his tummy hurting. He started to worry me on Sunday evening when I got home from work and he was asleep on the couch. My nurse-mind started to wander and I wanted to get him to the doctor. So, Monday we went and my awesome Dad came to stay at the house with Anna while she was supposed to be napping. Instead, she chattered the whole time. The doctor put my mind at ease and Brice got a finger prick as well to prove that his blood work was fine. I also found out that Brice is not the only victim of this "bug" in his class which also made me feel better that he wasn't the only one. He returned to school today although he was hesitant and I think a bit nervous. He seemed content to just hang out on the couch all day everyday and watch cartoons. I think his mind was starting to disintegrate, as was mine because I can't stand that cartoon Phineas and Ferb. So annoying! Anyway, I did let him get away with some extra TV this afternoon so that he could rest up. He still had no interest in eating tonight at dinner.

And Anna, she started with a runny nose and fever last Thursday. Although, I am thinking the fever was a result of the flu shot she received on Wednesday and the cold was something totally separate. She made it to school today again and did so well!!! It made me so proud, I could feel the beams of pride shining off of me like the bright sunshine! She was not happy when I made the left-hand turn into school and immediately started crying and saying "no". Her teacher and I had made a plan the previous week that I would just come get her after three hours since the past two weeks I got a phone call about that time anyway. Well, then the phone rang at 11am after only two hours and my stomach did about five flips. But, the asst. director wanted to know if I could leave her there until carpool because she was doing so well!! Of course. And, she was smiling when I picked her up. It was so good for my heart to see after being worried all week about either Brice or her at school.

I also came down with a cold on Saturday and did not feel well at all on Sunday. I am feeling much better now which is so nice since I have two kids to keep up with. Thankfully, Justin has not come down with anything and has been very helpful with the kids.

The Dawgs have not been helping my mood lately to say the least. Good Heavens they are frustrating to watch. The weekends have not been fun around here as the Dawgs lose on Saturday and then I have to head to work on Sundays. Boo. Not sure what's going on in Athens, but somebody needs a talking to or a hobnailed boot.

So, that is the Update from the Reynolds' household. If you are looking for the picture of Anna, I took it down. I second-guessed myself when I posted it and then tonight Justin asked that I take it down. Sorry for those of you who didn't get to see it. I will try and get some cute pictures of the kids soon and post something more exciting next time.

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