Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was Anna's first experience with being away from us for an extending period of time without any one she knows well. She did so well getting out of the car and being taken into the building. Her teacher, Ms. Rachel told me that she "walked in like she owned the place" which is so very Anna. She kept repeating to me in the car, "play, babies" and was very much looking forward to playing mama when she got there. Anna, however, doesn't like when someone else is upset and that is exactly what set her off after one little boy got to the classroom. He was upset which made her upset and then she cried "off and on" throughout the morning. So, while in the middle of Publix at 12:10 (school ends at 12:45pm) I got a phone call saying that "Anna has had enough of us."! She wasn't upset when they called but they could tell she was just over it. When we arrived she was calm in the teacher's arms until she saw us and she burst into tears. Poor little girl. Her report above details her day. One thing is for sure, I don't like seeing that she was "sad". We shall try again next week and see how she adjusts. Wish us luck!

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Janna said...

Worse for mommy than for Anna I'm sure :) She'll get the hang of it and then you'll be "sad" because she'll ask to go everyday...even saturday :)