Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Tooth That Came Out On the Bus

Brice lost his first tooth today!!!! He hopped off the bus rather quickly and opened his hand to show me something. I thought maybe he had picked something up on the playground today but no, there in his left hand was his tooth! He said, "Mom, it just fell out on the bus. I felt something in my mouth and then I spit it into my hand. I kind of put my tongue where it was and then my finger to make sure there was no blood and there wasn't!".

At this point, I was so excited for him and also glad that he was able to hold onto it. It was kind of hard for me to believe. Justin is depressed. He doesn't want Brice to grow up and this is a sure sign that he is. His sweet little baby teeth are now falling out. Those little teeth that he seemed to cut at least two at time and caused him so much droooolll as a baby are becoming history. I sure hope the Tooth Fairy is good to him! ;)

Do you remember where you lost your first tooth? I do. I was sitting at my kitchen table in Durham, NC and eating breakfast. I was drinking some apple juice and when I brought my cup down from my mouth, my tooth had fallen in it.

For Brice, he can now tell the story of "The Tooth That Came Out On The Bus"!


Janna said...

Not nice to talk about our babies growing up...I'm pregnant and you are making me cry...they get so big so fast its just not fair. Congrats to Brice...I'm with Justin on this one :(

Steven said...
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