Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baseball 2011

We have plenty of baseball seasons ahead of us with another little guy coming along.  I realized last week that I didn't have many pictures of Brice playing this season so I tried to catch up a little during the past two games.  It hit me that one day I will be going through these pictures for his senior page in the yearbook, trying to pick which one I like the best.  I also like to capture Anna during these games because she will be spending a good portion of her life at the ball fields as well.  I am pretty sure she equates baseball with "sliding and swinging", both things done IN a baseball game (sliding into home and swinging the bat) but she would prefer doing those things on the playground with all the additional fans that make it to Brice's games.  Here are some pictures from the past couple of games...

 our fashion girl ready for the game with boots on the wrong feet and a runny nose.  We've had some rough weather during a lot of Brice's games so I've had to pack the whole coat closet!

The following pictures are from Saturday.  It was so beautiful out and we were so thankful for "baseball weather".  Here is Anna in the scorer's box with the men, something I have a feeling is not going to change!

 In the last inning, Brice lead the team off with a great hit and then batted in the winning run!!!  So proud. :)

 checking out his snack.  This boy devoured his dinner after the game and then ate this snack!  Below, Anna runs off more energy with Grandad.
 Brice with his game ball.  He is so proud of these as he should be.  All the game balls he has received are sitting on his dresser and he counts them as "trophies".
We only have a few games left for this season including the tournament.  Looking forward to many more fun memories on the ball field!

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