Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All About Brice

First let me say thank you to all of those with encouraging words about the pregnancy from the last post.  I truly appreciate it.  I was not fishing for compliments, I was just venting a little bit.  As all of us ladies know sometimes it doesn't matter how you look but how you feel.  I know that there is nothing I can do about what number is on the scale and that I am going to have to continue to eat during this pregnancy.  In fact, I am eating right now because, well, I'm starving.  I remember being 28 weeks with Brice and Anna and being very hungry as well.  Babies must pack on something extra during this time and I am truly blessed to have such healthy pregnancies.  Anyway, thank you, thank you.

That being said, I wanted this post to be All About Brice.  He has two days left of kindergarten and then I will have a first grader in the house.  This feels very old to me.  He has done so well this year and I'm so proud of him, taking on new challenges, managing the growing pains (which are about twice a week at night :(), and losing teeth.  As the school year comes to a close this Friday, I thought I would post some pictures of his baseball trophy and completed art work.  These are two things that Brice loves.  He walks around the house swinging an imaginary baseball bat and when he isn't doing that, he is drawing something.  He told me this past weekend he couldn't decide if he wanted to be a zookeeper or an artist when he grows up.  This is so Brice.  He loves animals as well and they are usually the subjects of his drawings. Justin and I have talked about that fact that we can see him doing something he absolutely loves when he grows up but that being something that doesn't necessarily make a lot of money.  Artist?  Teacher?  Or maybe a Zookeeper?!  He has a strong, gentle soul and is so very mature about so many things.

His baseball coach described him as "intense" and this is such a good word for Brice.  He has been this way since Day 1 of his life.  We have pictures of him with a furrowed brow as an infant even, as though he was already concentrating on what needed to be done.  Brice had an awesome season and did improve on all areas with help mainly from Justin.  I can't say we had the best coaching staff this year as far as working on the fundamentals but they are only 5 and 6.  We went to a pool party for the boys on Sunday, it was so windy and chilly.  Luckily, the pool was heated but when it came time for trophies and cake, none of them wanted to get out and I don't blame them!

 Shivering and waiting...
 The head coach reading his stats.
 The trophy is now in his room and he put one of his game balls in the glove.  He is trying to receive as many trophies as Aunt Blaire.  I think the number to beat is 33.

And, the artwork.  He has loved art this year at school.  They didn't bring any of their projects home until yesterday.  He was so excited to pull it all out and show us.  There was more but I only took pictures of a couple.

 This one below he was especially proud of and I will be getting a frame for it.
Kindergarten Graduation is Friday so I will have pictures soon of that.  Hopefully, he will smile for me!


Janna said...

He's a great little artist...I can't believe parker is going to Kindergarten in just a few months....time goes too fast!

Kelly said...

Wow! That is a really great drawing. I can't believe he's about to be in 1st grade either. He was just born yesterday! What happened? I'm so proud of my nephew. He does so great in so many things and is a really nice kid to boot. That says something about his parents I'd say :-)