Sunday, May 15, 2011

Field Day

Tell me you remember your Field Day.  How much fun it was to have a day playing at school for half the day.  Brice had his last Wednesday on the hottest day here so far in the hottest part of the day.  But, I was so excited for him, despite the awful color his class had to wear!  He raced in four events individually and then they had a couple class events.
My friend said he was trying to not let the orange touch his body too much in the picture above!
He took 1st place in the sack race!  So proud.
A hug from his buddy Jarrett.
Anna loves going to see Brice at school whether it's for lunch or any event.  She did well withstanding the heat.  We did however leave a little early before he did the 50-yard dash (2nd place) and the 50-yard relay to get out of the heat.
Getting ready for the hula hoop race.
Passing the hula hoop to his friend Ella.  Apparently, these two get along fabulously.  His teacher told me they are always talking and giggling together.  I asked him later about it and he told me "Mom, Ella is really funny."
Blaylock's class takes 2nd place, Hooray! (And that is a big hunk of sunscreen hanging from his eyebrow!)
This was the last event I stayed for, the Ostrich Egg Race.  I think he now knows how fun Field Day is and will look forward to it next year.  Hopefully, then we will have real May weather and not July weather for it since I'll have two other kids to sweat it out with!

Another quick story, mainly for my own memory.  The four of us were hanging out doing puzzles and Justin and I were telling Brice how smart he was.  Justin said, "Does your brain ever hurt because you think so much, Brice?", just trying to be funny.  Brice responded, "No, but it does get really hot sometimes."!!

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