Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zoo Atlanta

My friend Whitney and I planned a zoo trip for today with the four kiddos.  This makes one six year old, two two year olds and an infant.  We had a great time!  The kids loved it and were so excited to see the animals.  The zoo is not close in distance for us so once we finally arrived I said, "We're here!" and Anna squealed and then yelled "Elephants!".  She and Brice enjoyed all of the animals and all of the kiddos were well behaved with no meltdowns.  Even sweet baby Brady did awesome (when I say infant, I mean he was born April 2!).  So, here are some pictures of our day.  The other hit of the day was getting a panda stamp on their hands which they all wore proudly throughout the zoo.  You will see the picture below of Brice and Tate showing off their stamps.

 The mama lion is hiding in the trees below.  She actually got up and repositioned herself.   Of course all Anna could say was, "I can't see her face."  I was just impressed that the lion actually moved in this heat!
 The gorillas gave us a good show with this mama and her baby, then two "teenage-looking" ones were playing with a toy passing it back and forth.  The mama and baby were then playing with another gorilla who seemed to be tickling the baby while the mama held on to baby's leg.  After that, we saw two of the silverbacks and one beat his chest.  Brice was so excited to have seen this and was then trying to get the gorillas attention by beating his own chest.  Boys...

 My two gorillas...
 what you have to look forward to on next year's Christmas card!
 Brice thinks he is an animal, climbing the trees.  He then got in trouble for doing this by one of the zookeepers.
 Brice's favorite!!!  Panda bears.  Below is another mom and baby duo, although you can't see the baby in this picture.  The baby just put it's head down and fell asleep I guess because you could barely see it in the hammock.

 Then the daddy came out and decided to have some bamboo.  Brice was in h-e-a-v-e-n!  He told me he wanted to stay all day in the Panda Exhibit.
 Panda Stamps!!
 Riding the train with our new "camera smile".

 Two kids asleep on the way home, need I say more?  My new goal for summer, wear these kiddos slap wore out!

 Brice swore he didn't fall asleep...I'll let you be the judge...

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