Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Weeks...Things I am Looking Forward To

With my other two pregnancies, making it to 30 Weeks was such a relief.  Out of the 20's and into the 30's brought me piece of mind.  But, I am greedy!  Now I want to be 34 weeks, because I know all too well what goes on if a baby comes too early.  While this was my easiest pregnancy in the beginning, I must say it is becoming my hardest the bigger I get.  We are now into our second week of summer and I feel like I did well last week planning things to do with the kids but boy, my back is screaming at me every night.  I think I planned out the summer well, having Brice in a camp one in June and one in July.  I still do feel huge although Justin has assured me that I don't look it.  People have continued to make comments on my stomach and I just try to let it roll off my back and not worry about it.  Here is what I look like...

And here are some Things I am Looking Forward To:

-the beach
-getting Kyle's room ready
-laying on my stomach again
-laying flat on my back again
-adult beverages
-seeing sweet Kyle's face
-showing Brice and Anna Kyle for the first time
-having my body back (although this will be a while depending on how long nursing lasts)
-getting the basement finished
-running around with the kids again because I can I won't fear going into labor
-adult beverages, did I already say that?!
-my birthday

You get it, while I am not miserable (yet, usually around 37 weeks) I am feeling the weight more and more each day.


Robin said...

Jennifer, You should of had Justin take a picture of you from the back. You don't even look pregnant! All you have is a beautiful baby bump.

Can't wait for the beach. I plan to help you lots and lots with the kids. I told Brice that you needed the beach to lay in a chair and just relax. He said "That's ok. Pa's not relaxing". :-)

Katie and Dave said...

Oh my gosh- you look tiny and amazing! And so so so glad I am not the only lush who daydreamed about adult beverages while prego :)

Kelly said...

You look awesome! And I'm so excited to meet Kyle and then have an adult beverage with you. :-) But no Grouper at the beach. Ha! Wink wink. :-) Kidding of course.

Jenny said...

Jen- I think you have the cutest baby belly!! The only reason that people make comments on it's size is because they don't see you every day, so if a week or two goes by, it's amazing to see the difference. And remember, most people don't see pregnant women regularly, so they have NO IDEA how big or small a full term belly should be. Remember, you're using your body to GROW a child, which is a beautiful thing!!

Taryn said...

You are not huge.... that is the cutest little belly!!! :-)

Lauren said...

Sooo tiny!!! Adorable :) You look great and I agree that its great to be in the 30s! Keep growing little Kyle.

Christine and Bob said...

So jealous!!!! You look amazing!