Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Day in the Life of Cinderella

Go ahead and get yourself a drink and maybe a snack because this is going to be a long post.  I am going to try and combine Anna's birthday with our second day of Disney.  I wanted to remember what she is like on a day to day basis so I will be interjecting little tid bits throughout the post of  A Day in the Life of Cinderella ("Cindergrella").  And, first let me say, Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!  I know Anna was one of the best gifts I ever got, but I'm pretty sure me having Anna on his birthday was by far the best gift he has ever received!

Our second day at Disney World was the big day.  As in, we got to meet not only Cinderella but Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Mermaid.  We were able to book a lunch in the "country" of Norway of Epcot and it was delicious.  Anna knew we were going to be going and had her dress all ready to go.  I took Anna over to the area early so that we could get her all ready for her princess lunch.  Then, I just let her be in her own little world, which Anna does very well.  Hanging around the house, she often will just walk around, singing her songs, pretending she is either one of the princesses or Deedee Doodle from the Doodlebops.  I love watching her pretend and will sneak up on her sometimes just to observe.  She also loves to read to her baby dolls or pretend that she is a teacher with her students.  She loves music and always has a song request when riding in the car.

So, here she is in her own little world just before the lunch.

When we arrived at the lunch, we were immediately taken to meet Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Anna was so excited and brought her coloring book that she wanted to show all the princesses.  She had me fix her hair just so and put earrings on her so that all the princesses could see.  This is also so Anna, must be "together" every day.  She had her picture made with Belle and then had Belle sign her sticker book.  She was shy but very smitten as well.

After we met Belle, we sat down and had lunch and then the princesses came out and it was just so sweet watching her meet them.

 Trying to pose like a princess with her hands.
 She finally got to meet Cindegrella!!

My favorite part of the lunch was when Snow White came over to see Anna and she said, "Well, hello there, what is your name?"  Anna threw her hands up in the air and said, "Cindegrella!!" very loudly.  She was so proud to be dressed like Cinderella and Snow White just laughed and said, "Well, of course you are!".

Other cute things Anna says are, "fanks" for thanks, "ho-tale"=hotel, she pronounces her l's very well and we love when she says words like "jelly", "silly".  She also says, "Daw-de" when saying "Daddy" and one of my favorite things is when she is crying and upset and we say Anna, calm down, stop crying, she responds with "But my tears still make me cry" and a fresh set of tears roll down her face.  Other cute phrases, "I want to be holded", "I felled over", "It's okay, Kyle, don't cry", "Bwice, whachoo doin'?", "Was that me or you Bwice?" that was said after a toot at the dinner table!  If only I could bottle up her little voice, I would!

So, after all the princesses made their rounds, they had a parade with all the little girls in the restaurant.  Anna didn't want to go at first but did line up and followed all the other girls around.  She did well until the little girl behind her wanted her to line up straighter and tried to gently direct Anna.  Anna wanted no part of someone touching her back and was a little upset after that.  It was really such an awesome day for her and for me just watching her meet her favorite ladies.  Little did I know that the most precious memory was about a day away.

I will post tomorrow about the rest of our 2nd day at Hollywood Studios and leave you with a typical Anna day.
-Usually wakes up around 6am
-Pancakes and pink chocolate milk for breakfast
-Loves to watch the Doodlebops
-picks out her own clothes and accessories to match
-plays very well by herself and/or leaves for school easily
-still naps about every 3rd day for about 1-2 hours
-rubs her Carly-bunny's ears to go to sleep
-rubs her own ear when Carly isn't around
-can take herself potty
-still not going through the night dry (will be bringing this up at her check-up)
-is a fairly good eater
-goes to bed between 7 and 8 each night depending on naps
-loves books and to be read to
-still loves for me to sing "You Are My Sunshine" and knows all the words
-such a sweet girl and will spontaneously say, "I love you."
-gives the best hugs...when she wants to
-still is feisty and spunky as the day she was born

Happy Birthday, Anna!  We love you!


Kelly said...

This is so sweet! It looks like Snow White was the biggest hit. And Anna makes a prettier Cindegrella...I'm just saying. :-) Looking forward to seeing more!

Nana said...

What a great post. We're so lucky she's such a girlie girl.

Oh, did you notice, Cinderella has on white gloves. Maybe that's why we can't find blue.

Janna said...

Cute pics...she is a doll.....BTW parker wasn't dry thru the night until at least age 4+...they said not to worry up until age 5. just thought I'd share :)