Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Claus

I admit it, I think seeing Santa is kind of a pain in the butt.  Justin has all these great videos of himself when he was a kid going to see Santa and I can only remember having one picture of myself on his knee, screaming.  Part of that is probably due to the fact that I was told the truth when I was only 7 years old.  I then promptly ruined it for my the four year old sister.  Mean.  Awful.  Pretty sure she might still hold that against me.  I realized just how mean this was on our trip to Disney when I heard Brice say to Anna, "You know, Anna, that is not the real Mickey Mouse, it's just a guy with a head on."  I tried to shush him quickly hoping that maybe she hadn't heard or understood completely.  He has questioned Santa a couple of times this season until yesterday when a letter arrived from the big guy himself.  Brice was sold.  Only for a minute did he ask, Did Mrs. Grimes write this because this is the same lettering she uses (font)?  I totally lied, "No, Santa probably just knows that you know how to easily read that font.".  Ugh.  I hate lying to him because he is so smart.  I want him to always "hear the bells" (Polar Express) and believe in the magic and the love of what Christmas is.  I tried to soak up this visit with Santa for those very reasons.

We took the kids last Friday afternoon and walked. right. up.  No line.  Spoiled kids don't even get it!  I didn't even have Kyle fully dressed!  Brice jumped right up on his seat and talked (would like a magic set, Georgia watch, and surprise) and even gave a "Go Dawgs!" and barked.  Yes, he barked with Santa Claus.  Anna was still apprehensive but she told herself and us that she wasn't going to cry this year and she didn't.  She didn't want to sit next to him, just stand but she told him herself what she would like for Christmas this year (bike, Cinderella DVD, Cinderella doll).  Brice then told Santa that Kyle might need some new baby toys and some diapers.  It was the easiest Santa trip ever.  If it was always like that, I might not dread it or think of it as pointless.

The official pose that we bought.  I just thought they all looked sweet in this one.  No fake smiles and no tears.


Katie and Dave said...

I don't really care for the whole Santa experience either. There, I admitted it too :)
Merry christmas too your sweet family...I look forward to reading your posts and love your blog!

Kelly said...

So cute...but I just got a little jealous since it only took us 2 HOURS with many screaming and hopped up on Mountain Dew children running around and one one-year-old little boy being taunted with the train RIGHT NEXT to Santa the entire time! Thanks Santa Crew. Appreciate that. But yes, Justin and I heart Santa. :-) Many great memories of our Santa...the real one, of course :-)