Thursday, December 22, 2011

Next Christmas

I have been in a bah-humbug mood today.  The rain, the rain, the rain.  Having the kids home with so much excitement.  Not having all the shopping and wrapping done yet.  I think I'm just kind of ready.  Ready to celebrate.  All day today, I just kept thinking things such as, "Next Christmas...I won't wait until the last minute to do this or that or whatever".  "Next Christmas, I will plan things for the kids to do."  "Next Christmas, it will be easier..."  Then, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while Kyle was up on my shoulder.  I wanted to cry.  "Next Christmas...I won't have a baby."  And, then I looked down at Anna who was playing with her princesses on the steps, "Next Christmas, I won't have a three year old little girl...or a six year old little boy."  I am realizing that this year is probably our last year for Brice to think there is a Santa.  And, frankly, I am totally okay with that.  I was reading Moments With My Miracles (see sidebar) yesterday and she had a link to another blog post and it hit home.  Moments With My Miracles' post title was "This Christmas".  I will enjoy this Christmas and everything that it is worth but Next Christmas will focus more on what this blog post has to say.

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Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Glad you liked that blog post from Jen! It really convicted us!!! Merry Christmas to your sweet family!