Monday, December 12, 2011

Disney-Dreams Come True

I wanted to do a post tonight about Anna's birthday, or really just about Anna.  I will do it soon and since Disney was really HER trip, then I guess I am killing two birds with one stone on this post.  People... ahem, Kelly, are dying to see pictures so I will blog about our first day there.

Honestly, it started out a little rough.  It was much colder than we anticipated on the first day there and our little Cinderella was frozen.  We also learned a few things about Anna on this trip, the first being that she DOES NOT LIKE THE DARK.  As soon as any of the rides would go dark or loud or both, the waterworks turned on.  After the first half of the day though, she calmed down and started to get the hang of everything.  We figured out what would be good to take her on and what would not be so good.  Even Brice would get all nervous if a ride started out in the light and then progress to dark.  As we all know, the girl has got a set of lungs and the whole dang park could probably hear her scream.  Anyway, all in all the trip was amazing.  While Anna has watched all those princesses' dreams come true, little does she know that she made all my Dreams Come True three years ago the morning she was born.

 Walking up to the castle for the first time.
 It's A Small World the first time...not so happy.  After the ride though, she did ask to go back and we did.
 On Dumbo!  She loved this, in the daylight, nothing too loud, just her speed!
 Wasn't so sure about the teacups the first time either but we did ride again on our third day there.
 Meeting Alice in Wonderland.  This really broke the ice for Anna.  The first picture Alice was telling her that Anna looked like her with blonde hair and blue eyes.  Anna thought this was awesome that she got to actually meet Alice, which she wasn't expecting to get to do.  Later in the parade, as Alice was approaching, Anna turned to us and said, "She's waving to me!".
 Had to get one of Brice and a sword.  Even though this isn't from Harry Potter, he thought it was cool.
 I saw on the map that they had "Meet Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friends".  I didn't think Anna would care about doing this but, I was wrong!  She wanted to meet as many characters as possible.  Another thing we learned about Anna was that when she gets nervous, she puts her tongue up against her top lip and then looks to the side, very Princess Diana-like.  Not sure of the fairy's name in the top photo but below is Tinkerbell.
 A true smile, below, from my birthday girl.
 And the point.  She did this through every parade.  We watched three parades while we were there.  Two of which were the same parade but she loved it!  As soon as she recognized someone coming, she would point and tell us who she saw.  During the the daytime parade was the first time she saw Cinderella before actually meeting her.
 I loved seeing all the Christmas decorations there.  All of the flower beds were covered in poinsettias which to me are so pretty at Christmas time.  Brice offered up this picture of himself so, here he stands in front of a huge Christmas tree and poinsettias all around the base.
 Waiting for the Electrical Parade.  Another one of my favorites and this one didn't disappoint!  Anna loved the lights and again seeing "people" she recognized.
 The wave was so cute.  One of the top things I will remember from this trip.  She would wave at anyone who waved at her.
 Brice requested a picture of Smee, so here he is!
 Here is Anna, anticipating the next float and scraping her nail polish off with her teeth.  I couldn't figure out why a couple of her fingers had NO nail polish on them and the rest were still painted.  This is why!
So, the first day at Magic Kingdom was a success.  The kids were asleep in about two minutes flat after Anna bossed Brice around a little bit about the covers.

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Kelly said...

These pictures are SO cute! I love it. And I don't blame her about the dark. I think that may run in the family. Ha! At least Pa wasn't howling. He used to always do that when the lights would go out on a ride. Ha! Still cracks me up. She looks like she had a blast!