Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Boys's Stats

Remember Valentine's Day??  It's kind of hard for me to remember already because we have been so busy!  Brice's birthday, Brice's party, my mom's "birthday" party, President's Day, school, pink eye/ear infection for Anna... But, on Valentine's Day, I took Kyle for his six month check-up and then today I took Brice for his, gulp, seven year old check-up.

Both boys passed with flying colors.  Kyle was 18 lbs, 9.4oz (60%) and 27.75 inches (82%).  He had to get three shots, two of which were immunizations and then the third was his first dose of the flu shot.  I take him back mid-March to get the second dose.  He was just pitiful and it was probably the closest I have come to crying when one of my kids got their shots.  That little man is just too sweet and has never done anything to anyone.  I think I am going to have the most trouble disciplining him because he is so laid back and good so much of the time.  The doctor actually wants him eating a little bit MORE formula than he is taking.  This is hard because he LOVES his food and he is so interested in the other two, that he doesn't want to sit still to drink his bottle.  We are working on the sippy cup to see if he would like to take it better from that.

Brice was a rock star today answering all the questions by himself and acting like he owned the place.  No problem, done this before, where do I sign to get the heck out of here...He now weighs 58.5 lbs (80%) and is 51.5 inches (94%)!!!  When I post pictures of his birthday party you will see he is a head taller than some of his buddies in his class.  He said at the end of his exam, "Do I have to get a sticker?", in other words, I'm too old for that mom, please don't make me walk out of her with a Spiderman sticker.  Right this instant I am looking at his baby book where I have records of every doctor visit and the page is covered with stickers from those visits when he was so brave, had to get shots and then so excited to pick out a sticker.  I am seriously so proud of the kid he is but man, it does hurt my mommy heart that he is so grown up at the ripe old age of 7.

Just for kicks, Brice at six months of age was 17lbs 2 ounces and the same exact length as Kyle.  Looks like that extra fridge in the basement is going to come in quite handy for feeding these boys.  Oh and Anna, well she was tipping the scales at 14 lbs!!!  And, a full inch shorter than her brothers.

My sweet boys!

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