Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Record Breaker

Kyle may be the last one born into this family but he is not going to be last in the teething department!  Brice and Anna both had teeth at six months but if I recall correctly it was just one and then the second one lagged by a couple of weeks.  Not Kyle.  Right before he turned six months, I noticed two little buds in his gums where his lower teeth have now poked through.  Three days before he turned six months, the first one broke through and then three days later the second one.  He was just not himself all last week and Justin said, "I bet he is cutting four or five teeth and we just don't know it.".  Well, sure enough, after one of his naps, I put my finger in his mouth to massage his gums and there were two top teeth about to poke through!! I couldn't believe it.  My last baby getting all these teeth and at the same time.  We had two days last week that were not fun because we could tell he was hurting.  Justin cleaned out Babies R Us of teething rings and bought him a fresh bottle of Ibuprofen which Kyle can now take that he is six months old.  Thank goodness!  Kyle seems in a much better mood now that all four teeth have actually broken through.  One nice thing about having such a good baby is that you know for sure when something is going on with them.  Little man was NOT himself, he was just trying to be a Record Breaker.  Four teeth in six days and at six months old.  You have your siblings beat, Mr. Kyle!  Now, you may stop growing up so fast because it is breaking your momma's heart!

 Bottoms, front and center.
 Tops, left center, left incisor.  Sorry for the boogie.
Where he wants to be for the past week, held, with fingers in his mouth.  I'm actually surprised he has fingers still or that he hasn't sucked a blister on one of them.  Also, if you run into me on the street, my shoulders will be soaked with drool.

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