Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reasons to Celebrate

February is a month of birthdays in our family on both sides.  And, this year was a big year for my parents because they celebrated 40 years on the 4th!!! 

Blaire and I knew that a party would not be their speed so we chose to put together a video and book full of cards, pictures and messages from family and friends who have been a part of their life for the last 40 years if not more.  My parents have known each other since junior high so there were quite a few people that we wanted to get in touch with.  Blaire and I, with the help of many others pulled off a surprise at brunch last weekend when took my parents out "for mom's birthday".  Thank you to all those who helped put together the slide show, sent cards and letters and acknowledged what an awesome accomplishment this is.

Last weekend was also Brice's birthday party with his friends as well as my mom's birthday on Sunday.  Come Sunday night, I was feeling pretty good that I had pulled everything off and now that I look back on the past week I am glad all the sicknesses waited!  Here are the pictures that recap the weekend!

 Brice wanted a Harry Potter themed party so I had the boys draw names out of a hat of a character from Harry Potter.  Brice was Harry of course but also bowling with us was Dumbledore, Ron, Neville, and Hagrid.

 Brice and his friend Stephen.

 He designed the cake himself!
 "Who wants ice cream?"
 My dad put a personal touch on Harry Potter.
 Kyle did so well despite the super noisy bowling alley!

After drinks were served at brunch, we presented Mom and Dad with the book of cards and letters.  The best part though was that my mom's sister was able to find their wedding invitation!  They were both surprised to see that after all these years!  I only have one picture from the restaurant because they don't like to be the center of attention.  After brunch, we went back to their house where we all watched the slide show (Blaire did an awesome job despite some major hiccups along the way, read computer crash!).  I am glad that we were able to surprise them as much as we did with me snooping around their house, stealing pictures.

We have had some awesome Reasons to Celebrate and are so thankful for all of them!!

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