Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kyle's First Cubs Game

Kyle wanted to be the Cubs this year despite my persuasions to be a Cardinal. I guess I did convince Brice to be one last season so I shouldn't complain. However, the Cubs are one of the Cardinals biggest rivals, so...
But, seeing Kyle's enthusiasm and excitement and super cuteness in a baseball uniform at this age never gets old! This kid would play baseball all day everyday if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot seem to get his season started due to all the rain. Justin decided to add a "scrimmage" to the beginning of their season because all of the little boys kept wearing their uniforms to practice! They weren't supposed to start until after spring break but with the additional game, they played right before spring break.

 Snack time and listening to his daddy/coach talk about him before receiving the first game ball of the season.

High Five for Kyle and the Cubbies!!

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