Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Last Day in My Twenties

Twenty Things Accomplished in My Twenties:

1. Survive 21st birthday celebration
2. Graduate from Nursing School
3. Marry my sweetie
4. Help Justin graduate from Georgia (with the help of Robin and Larry!) ;)
5. Live with a boy- ewwwwi- took six months to get used to
6. Watch two friends lose their mothers
7. Buy first house
8. Almost lose the only Grandma I've ever known
9. Labor and Deliver over 14 hours including a C-section
10. Become a mother to the sweetest boy
11. Learn how to be a NICU nurse
12. Watch most of my close friends either get married, have babies or both
13. Buy second home
14. Practically deliver my daughter in the car but made it in time to NOT get pain relief!
15. Become a mother again to one amazing little girl
16. Save my daughter's life
17. Learn how much it means to have a supportive family
18. Experience love so great, it feels as though my chest may burst open
19. Buy first new car
20. Make big, important adult decisions

Guess this means I'm ready to be thirty, huh?

Can't wait to see what the next ten years hold! Thank you to God, friends, family, Justin, Brice, and Anna for making this all possible! I love you all!

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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jen! That's a lot of great stuff to be proud of...espcially the living with a boy :)