Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Post-Part I

Now that we have two boys in the family with birthdays a day apart we will be celebrating birthday WEEK every year in February.  From February 13th until this past Sunday, the 20th, we have been going non-stop.  I am going to try and give everyone their own little post so here goes...

February 13th was Jack's First Birthday Party.  He was so cute during the whole afternoon even sporting his hat.  Kelly did a Cat in The Hat theme which made for very colorful decorations.

After Jack took the first few licks of the icing, he was all about it!  Not sure why Publix put black icing on a smash cake but Jack looked like a Shapie had exploded in his mouth.  Jack is such a sweet boy and doing awesome despite his early arrival last year.  I think Kelly is finally convinced that he is going to be okay!  I tried to tell her this last year but she had to see to believe.  Jack's actual birthday was February 17th.  Happy First Birthday, Jack!

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Kelly said...

I was wondering the same thing. Why put black icing on a smash cake? :-) He did look pretty hilarious though after he was done. Jack feels very special to get his own post! :-)