Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I have no pictures to go with this post, so feel free to click that little box in the upper right-hand corner now.  I just thought I would share what we did yesterday along with some of my memories of Valentine's Day.

Justin and I don't celebrate Valentine's in the sense of get dressed up, pay a million for flowers and sprinkle rose petals on the bed.  I am just not that type of person.  And, ever since a sweet boy entered my life almost six years ago (tomorrow) I would just rather the month be about him.  Not to mention there are about six other birthdays in our families this month (Mom, Justin's Grandma, two of Justin's cousins, and of course Jack!).  I mean, we probably celebrate during the month of February more than Hallmark does for all holidays combined.

So, yesterday, Brice woke up super excited for school and the first words out of his mouth according to Justin were, "I have to make mom a Valentine, I forgot".  So cute that he remembered but by the time he got around to it, I had to retrieve the paper, and draw the heart myself.  I think I just made my own!  Anyway, he had a fun time at school, passing out his cards and eating candy and sneaking around since they weren't supposed to be having a celebration.  After he got home, we went through his cards and candy and ate some which gave me a major blood sugar drop about two hours later, not good.  Justin did bring me a Chick-fil-A biscuit for breakfast which being in my state, was pretty romantic if you ask me!  Then at dinner, Justin said, "I do kind of wish that I had some Russell Stover candy".

I told him to just wait until today and that it would be on sale and we could get some.  No, it had to be last night.  He said, "I can't go or I will get laughed at or punished by the cashier that I am just now out buying candy on Valentine's Day."  I told him I would go if he would help put the kids to bed.  Which, now that I am typing this, shouldn't he be doing that every night?!

Off to Walgreen's I went and found three remaining heart-shaped boxes of Russell Stover candy.  I bought one for each of us  Yum.  I brought it home, we had a glass of milk with our candy.  I only had three for fear of another sugar crash.  And we watched Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn.  Funny in parts, not so good in others.

Like I said, I am just not the cheesy Valentine kind of person.  Justin is very romantic however so one year he did take me to Lake Lanier Islands for the weekend where upon arrival they showed up with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Cheese.  Weekend was fun, but not all the cheese.

Another Valentine I remember I must have been about 12 or 13 years old.  I came downstairs to see a darling stuffed animal dalmatian and another package.  The other package was for me.  The dog was for Blaire.  I opened the box to find a pair of "sexy" underwear.  Really?  I wanted the dog and never wore the underwear.  I just can't get into this holiday!!!

The last Valentine's Day I remember really well was six years ago when I was oh so over being pregnant with Brice.  This child was occupying each and every available space of my insides.  I could have sworn that his toes could be seen by looking up my nose.  Justin knew how miserable I was and we were trying every trick in the book to get him out-except I DID NOT want him to come on Valentine's Day.  How miserable to be a boy and have to celebrate YOUR day with all the girly-girl decorations!  I worked that day and when I came home Justin had made what he now calls "Justin's Italian surprise".  He researched why Eggplant Parmesean made women go into labor and found it must be the spices.  So, he spiced up some spaghetti for me.  He still thinks that this is what caused me to into labor within 48 hours.  I think I was just "due". 

All in all, Justin and I are sweet to each other most days, Valentine's being no exception. And so the day will continue for me to mark two days before Brice's birthday and a day that kids get to have fun decorating boxes, sharing cards and remembering to love one another.  Hope I am not being a love-slasher and that all of you felt the love in your own desired way.  And, if you have nothing else going on in February then celebrate the heck out of Valentine's Day!!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a great Valentine's Day to me! I think I may go pick up some Russell Stover chocolates this week! Speaking of, don't tell Justin but they already have Cadbury Eggs out. Shhhhhhh :-)

Janna said...

I enjoy your posts....even without pictures :) Glad you had a good day...Tony doesn't do V-day either, but a biscuit would have been enough for me too!

Aunt Blaire said...

I LOVED that dog! I remember that one too! Josh gave me a cold so he and I ate pizza and watched NBA basketball together, oh so romantic, it must run in the family! However, I did have a tissue stuck up my nose watching the game and he told me in all seriousness, "you sure are cute, you know that." That's a V-day for me!