Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Post-Part II

Brice turned 6 on February 16th which most of you know since reading my post on that day about his arrival into the world.  On that Wednesday, Justin and I both got up with him before school (usually it is just one of us) and made him cinnamon rolls.  We then took him to school where he was on the announcements.  Did you know that now they have televised announcements, not just those big speakers in the corners of the room?  I am behind the times obviously!  Anyway, Anna and I went to school and had lunch with Brice and then took cupcakes back to his classroom.  Anna plopped right down in a chair next to Brice while the kids swooned over how cute she was.  Brice said, "I know, everyone always says that.", in a rather annoyed voice.  I didn't have the heart to break it to him that this is going to go on for the rest of his life.  After that, I checked him out early in hopes that he would rest when he got home.  He and Justin then went to the Georgia/Vanderbilt basketball game.  They had a good time despite the Dawgs losing.

Saturday, was party day for Brice.  This was his first party with friends.  He and I planned the party together and then God worked his magic and gave us the most glorious February weekend a mom could ask for with five boys coming over.  I had originally planned the party for our garage thinking it would be either rainy, cold, or windy or some combination of the three.  When I knew the sun was going to be out, the boys got kicked out too!  I had family come over a little early to do their gifts and then after the boys got here, the chaos began.

 Here he is opening one of our gifts to him...a week long camp at the Georgia Aquarium over Spring Break.  The other gift will have a post of it's own!

 Opening his putter and driver/iron from Grandma and Grandad.
And, Jonathan gave him a putting green to go with the clubs.  It is currently set up in his room!  He received numerous other gifts including Transformers, a magazine subscription, Wii accessories all of which he wants opened NOW!  I am trying to convince him to wait a couple months and then have new things to open.  Thank you to all of the family who came early and all of the gifts!  And, now on to party pictures.  Brice wanted a football theme so I googled games for the boys to play, Brice had to approve them and all but one went according to plan.

 Relay race/warm-ups
 Grandad and Anna
 Jack and Greg
 "Tire-Run" through hula hoops.
 Nanny, Kelly and Jack
 Winding Brice up for "Dizzy Kicker"

 Hello Aunt Blaire...Anna wanted her to take this picture.
 The game that didn't work out was "Injured Player Wrap-Up".  Really needed an actual ace bandage rather than toilet paper that kept breaking off...oh well.

Brice had an awesome time which I was so happy about because this was stressful to me.  He then got the surprise of his life when Justin told him to pack his bags they were going to Disney World!!!!  This will be the next birthday post, I am waiting for Justin to email the pictures from his Blackberry.  Justin and Brice headed to the airport while I packed Anna for a sleep over with Nana and Pa and then I headed down to Alpharetta for a birthday dinner with my mom and sister.  Mom's birthday was the day of the party.  Happy Birthday to Brice, Jack, and Mom!!!  We love February!!!

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Kelly said...

That party was too cute. It was fun to see Brice with all of his friends. Can't believe he's 6! Oh and Greg's game was a hit too "okay kids...who can pick up the most toilet paper!" :-)