Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2, 2011

There is no other way to title this post.  I didn't realize just how much would be going on today but it has been an eventful day for each of us, in our own way, and as a family.

For Brice-This was his 100th day of school, something he has been anticipating for a while.  They made 100 Fruit Loop necklaces, counted out numerous items to bring to school to add up to 100, everything revolved around this number.  He also was excited about Groundhog Day.  They took a vote in his class to determine who thought General Lee would see his shadow and who thought he would stay out.  Brice voted that spring would be coming soon and he was right.  Let's hope Mother Nature agrees with a groundhog!  The school also just started a program called Enrichment Clusters.  The kids were able to rank different areas of interest and then each Wednesday now through March 30th, they will have an hour of their cluster.  Brice received his first choice of Scrapbook Art where the kids will come up with stories to read and then design the characters from the book using different scraps.  His other choices were Dog Lovers (where you learn how to train dogs and all the different breeds) and Puppet Mania (producing and performing a puppet show).  So, he told me that they were on a "tight schedule" today and hardly had time for free centers.  He talked my ear off from the minute he got off the bus so I know he enjoyed his February 2nd!

For Justin-Signing Day.  Can I just stop there?   No??  Alright.  Georgia signed the top recruit in the country over Auburn and Alabama.  Running back, Isaiah Crowell pulled out a Bulldog pup to announce his decision.  It was cool, I'll admit but again, football is never over in this house.

For me- Healthy baby seen on ultrasound moving around like crazy and heart beating strong.  It doesn't get much better.  I go back March 1st for a routine visit and then on March 24th, we will find out what the third and final Reynolds is going to be!!! 

For Anna-just being a silly girl.  She got to come see "picture of baby" with Justin during the ultrasound and then the two of them had a date at Monkey Joe's where the girl jumped, squealed and told boys to "get out" of her jumpy.  This was all while I finished up my full work-up at the doctor. She has also been sporting this hat the past two days, wore it to school and to the doctor's today...

 And, after we got home, she found some of the magazines the doctor's office gave me.  Brice won't even look at the prick mark on my arm where they drew blood, nor the picture of the baby's spine.  Anna, however, studied this picture for a good two minutes.  Do we have a future NICU nurse on our hands??  Time will tell.
And that is how we all spent February 2, 2011.


Katie and Dave said...

yay baby reynolds! could they really not see anything today???? you know, in my experience...that means girl!

Kelly said...

Aww, so exciting! There's my neice/nephew! Whether this baby is a boy or girl, if he/she snuggles on their Aunt's shoulder, then I'll be happy! :-)

Glad that Brice and Anna had a good time. Not so sure about signing day...oh well. :-)

Lauren said...

Did they look for gender this time??? Dr H guessed around at 12 weeks with me and her first thought was right on..a girl!

Kelly said...

I also have to say that I'm so excited that you added Reynolds Baby #3 Ticker. I don't know why but it made it seem more real. :-) So excited!