Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My Mom and Dad got me this cookbook for Christmas.  I have actually enjoyed finding recipes to try and make for the family.  And, I have used my food processor more in the past 8 weeks than ever in our 8 year marriage!  We have had quesadillas, pizza, tuna salad, chicken salad, avocado spread and the other night, I used Beets to make these Pink Pancakes.

I have never bought nor prepared beets in my life.  Justin bought these on a grocery run for me and an older lady stopped him and asked him how he was going to prepare them.  He told her he had no idea, they were just on the list.  Well, the preparation for using this cook book is key as these beets took an hour to roast in the oven and then had to be pureed.  I did this part on Superbowl afternoon when I wasn't going to have to cook later in the evening.  Then last night, Justin wasn't going to be home so I just decided to do pancakes and eggs for dinner and Brice devoured them!!  I enjoyed them as well but Anna "no yike it".  Oh well.  I got Brice to eat a beet!

And then today we started working on this...

Brice's class isn't allowed a "party" but their homework is to make a box and then Valentines for their classmates.  Rough life in kindergarten, I'll tell you what.  Anna's class is having party on Thursday so I made hers too.  I usually don't get to into Valentine's Day since Brice's birthday is just two days later.  I'd rather celebrate him and the day he was born!!  He makes my Heart-Beet. ; )


Kelly said...

Very cute Valentines! The hearts are cute too. :-) Bummer he can't have a party. School is becoming such a drag these days. It's kindergarten for goodness sakes!

Rachel said...

The valentines are cute!! Those pancakes look so colorful too!