Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Brother

I always wanted a big brother. I think Anna is so lucky to have one. And he is so wonderful with her, always watching out for her and trying to make her laugh. He usually succeeds greatly at this. Justin said this morning, "It's hard to believe that is her laughing because she is so little." It's true, she just giggles at him like she's six years old!
Checking this contraption out!
LOVES to crawl under the tables and chairs.

Being a great big brother and crawling under the table with her.

She is always watching what he is doing and wants to be around him.

She was shaking her hands and "talking" to him here. I know they will not always be totally enthralled with each other, but I do hope that they will always look out for one another and that she will always get a chuckle from the things he does.

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