Monday, July 13, 2009

Lots to Celebrate!!

The Birthday Girls below! Today is Aunt Blaire's birthday and Anna turns seven months today. I can hardly believe it! Anna is doing fantastic. Crawling, babbling non-stop, smiling non-stop, sitting, eating like a champ. Takes two or three naps a day and sleeps twelve hours at night. She is just as sweet as she can be and we love her more everyday!

My baby....sister... is 27. What the heck? She has a job and a mortgage and a REALLY BIG dog! I miss her everyday and wish she and I lived in the same state. Maybe one day. In the meantime, she will be doing the following......

....PLANNING A WEDDING!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!!! That's right folks, Josh proposed to Blaire on Sunday morning in St.Louis underneath The Arch and she said, "YES"!!!! I am so happy for the two of them. We love you Aunt Blaire and UNCLE Josh!!!

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