Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Waterfall

About two months ago, we discovered this waterfall that is in our neighborhood. It really is so neat to go walk back through the woods and follow the path that leads to it. Brice, of course, loves it. My dad takes him quite a bit when he and my mom come for a visit. When the boys go, they get wet, wading through the water. When I take Brice, we kind of try and stay dry. Plus, I usually have Anna so it's hard to really explore with her there. I think Brice would live here if he could. He has a favorite rock that he likes to climb up to. You'll see it in one of the pictures. On this day, a lot of the water wasn't flowing.

Someone has rigged a swing to play on. Brice took it upon himself to take it apart while we were there.
Had to bring binoculars in case of wildlife!
This is how Anna rides when we go.
And this is mainly what she does the whole time. Chews and drools. Yum.

Brice told me he was going upstream to check some more things out and that he "could do it himself". Heard that one a couple hundred times before.

Yes, Pae came for a visit as well. He got to ride in our umbrella stroller. Brice said that "we both have our babies now, Mom!". What? You don't know Pae. Well, I just may have to do a post about Pae. He is pretty much a member of the family.

On our way back to the car, Brice scraped his wrist and finger on a pricker bush. It was not really a nice 1 minute car ride home. He headed upstairs for Daddy to doctor him up while Anna ate an avocado...

...or maybe the avocado ate her!

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