Sunday, July 12, 2009

Conversations Throughout the Day

Yesterday morning I am feeding Anna some fruit and rice cereal and Brice is eating the waffle I just made him from scratch. He is making a noise that sounds like a monkey.

Me: Brice, please stop making that sound or I'm going to send you to the zoo.

Brice: Why?

Me: Because you sound like a monkey.

Brice: Mom, you know if I lived at the zoo, I would live with the pandas. Anna would be a baby giraffe. What animal would you live with, Mom?

Me: The elephants.

Brice: Why?

Me: Because they are big and everybody comes to see the elephants and then I could spray water on them.

Brice: That would be fun. Let's do it!

Last night as I'm putting Brice to bed:

Brice: Mom, will you put some more of those waters in the fridge to get cold? (I had bought some bottled water for bunko)

Me: There is already some in there Brice.

Brice: Well, I only saw one.

Me: No, there's more in there.

Brice, somewhat sarcastically: Well, then that makes two. I need more than two.


Kelly said...

Hmmmmmm, I wonder why we are secretly wanting to be an elephant...could it be because ROLL TIDE!!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Nice try Kelly. I find it interesting that your dog resembles a BULLDOG in some regards!!!

Anonymous said...

Brice should take his show on the road...he's a hoot!