Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pa (Larry)!

I warned you it was birthday season, didn't I? Well, we are celebrating Pa today! What a fun, hard working guy that Brice and Anna just adore. My father-in-law and I have always gotten along fabulously mainly because of three reasons: 1) we both like The Three Stooges 2) we both like Gatorade and 3) I can get ready in 20 minutes (including a shower). All of these earned major points in Larry's book when I was dating Justin. Obviously, we get along for other reasons including the fact that he is just like Justin. Anyway, hope your birthday was great, Pa! We love you and hope you had a relaxing time at your favorite place- the lake. Other than Panama City, that is. I will leave you with a couple Larry Reynolds' quotes, "All Buffet, All The Time" and the name of his brilliant plan to help people lose weight, (you have to imagine him running out into the audience, pumping his fist), "Get Off Your AAAAAASSSSSSSS!"

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Larry said...

Thanks, Jennifer. You know me better than I thought. And getting showered and dressed in 20 minutes is definitely a plus in my book.