Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Date With the Ladies

For Christmas, Blaire and I decided to continue our New York theme and get Mom tickets to see the Rockettes at the Fox. Since, you know, Radio City Music Hall has nothing on the Fox Theatre! It was such a fun day and Brice's first time. We went to IHOP for breakfast and yes he got a Funny Face pancake to eat. Then we headed down and walked around the Georgian Terrace Hotel until Brice almost walked through a glass door. Poor thing had a nice red spot on his head. Of course the door had a nice drip of drool going down it so I'm not sure which fared worse! We all loved the show, because if you don't enjoy the Rockettes at Christmas time, then there's no hope for ya! It was awesome and the highlights for Brice were 1) when it appeared that all 22 Rockettes got out of one taxi cab, 2) the two camels in the live nativity and 3) the Toy Soldier scene (which by the way has been in every Christmas show since 1933!)

Pretending he is King, which he pretty much is!

As far as "little bit" goes.....

LET THE CABINET LOCKING BEGIN! Holy cow, she is quick and can climb into the cabinets so fast I don't know where she's gone!

She's not against the drawers either. She opens it and in she goes!

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