Friday, December 11, 2009

I Remember

On this Friday on year ago (which was December 12th),

I remember getting up and dropping Brice off at school.

I remember heading to the dr.'s office for my last check-up before my C-section.

I remember the midwive telling me she wouldn't check me because I didn't look like I was in labor and there was no point because I was having a C-section.

I remember meeting one of my best friends for a pedicure.

I remember Brice requested that my toenails be pink since Anna was a girl.

I remember talking to my cousin on the phone telling her everything was set, all I had to do was relax and enjoy Brice, alone for four more days.

I remember picking Brice up and taking him to Blockbuster to rent a movie. He wanted Little Mermaid so he could see just how mean Ursula was!

I remember watching the movie and wondering if I was having contractions. And even if I was, I was 38.5 weeks pregnant, probably nothing.

I remember Robin calling and letting me know that they weren't going to the lake that weekend, just in case.

I remember Justin left and said he would probably be home around midnight after the installation (cut-over) was complete (it ended up lasting until about 2:30 am).

I remember putting Brice to bed and instead of just saying goodnight, I stayed with him and rubbed his head until he drifted off. I knew our time together was going to be interrupted soon. ( I just didn't know how soon and how interrupted!)

I remember thinking Anna hadn't been moving a lot that day. Hmmm?? Perhaps a cupcake and some hot chocolate would give her the sugar jolt.

I remember sitting down to address a few last minute Christmas cards at the kitchen table.

I remember the moon. Full, Bright, HUGE! And with all my pregnancy brain, I didn't think anything of it.

I remember going to bed and watching Knocked Up.

I remember waking up to go the bathroom at 3:30am, getting back in bed, only for my water to break.

I remember being so scared, not knowing who to call, what to do with Brice, or if my uterus would be okay if I labored for a little bit.

I remember calling Justin and telling him to hurry.

I remember him finding me on the closet floor trying to put all of my things in a suitcase.

I remember getting downstairs, and getting in the car to find Brice all buckled in and asking, "Where's Anna?"!

I remember squeezing Justin's hand every 1-2 minutes on the LOOOOONNNNNG drive to Northside.

I remember thinking, once I'm there the pain will go away because they'll give me an epidural.

I remember getting out of the car on my own in between contractions because I just couldn't wait for Justin and a wheelchair.

I remember them wheeling me to pre-op and leaving me in the room alone only to start crying and beg someone to help me change.

I remember them yelling down the hall, "She's complete!".

I remember asking the nurse if they were going to put me under and cut me open.

I remember not knowing what to do, how to breath, and wondering if my baby girl was okay in there.

I remember my doctor showing up and two minutes later Anna emerging into my life.

I remember December 13th, 2008 at 5:13am.

What a special day! I will post some pictures (taken with Justin's blackberry because there was no time for a real camera!) on Sunday of her birth and her birthday!

Have a good weekend. I remember...


Janna said...

I remember coming in the next morning to work and hearing your story. I remember coming to your room and seeing sweet little Anna. I remember telling you that you were a rock star!
Congrats on surviving the first year!

Anonymous said...

I remember Justin calling from his car to tell me you might be in labor. I said "might be"? I remember walking into the bathroom to throw on my clothes only to find Larry, "Pa", in the shower and me yelling at him to get out and get dressed! I remember Justin calling again from Glenridge Road wanting to know where we were exactly. I remember being a half mile away. I remember running into the waiting room in the lobby to see Brice is his PJ's with the feet in them. I remember he was sitting by himself with your bag. I remember him saying "Mommy's getting Anna. Daddy told me to wait for you." I remember seeing sweet little Anna with a head full of hair. I remember you looking great! I remember thanking God that you were alright and that Anna was our new granddaughter. I remember the tears in Justin's eyes.
Love, Nana

Taryn said...

I hope you have a great weekend celebrating! I can't believe it's been a year already! And she's beautiful and healthy! Congrats and enjoy every moment!

Lots of love,