Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me!

It was not intended to be my Christmas present but I'll take it! I've been wanting a dining room for a long time mainly because I want to display all of my beautiful china that we received for wedding gifts. We ordered it online and weren't sure just how long it would take to get here. Well, it arrived on Saturday evening, the day before Anna's party! It worked out nicely. I find myself walking around the corner just to peek at it! I love it and was seriously like a kid on Christmas when it arrived, "playing" with my new gift. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME! Thanks, Santa!
P.S. Today is December 17th, the day Anna was supposed to be born. It was ingrained in my mind for so long that I just can't forget about it. Instead, it was the day that Brice went to school with my mom for his party and caught a nasty little thing called RSV. Please wash your children's hands when they get home from school especially if they are going to be around a new baby. It can save a life!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous!! we've pre-picked out a dining room set for our new house and it is similar... dark cherry wood w/ white chair cushions. Can't decide what color I want to paint my dining room... yours looks so pretty with the sage walls... hmmmmmmm.... :)
Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Reveal yourself Anonymous and I will tell you the color of the paint!

Taryn said...

Ha ha... I thought I signed my name, but I guess I pressed the wrong button. It's me, Taryn! :)

Jennifer said...

Taryn! I thought it was you when I first read the comment but then I knew you had a "screen name". The name of the paint swatch is "La Fonda Cactus" and I think it's by Sherwin Williams.