Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday (Monday) Snapshots: Guests in Our Home

Sorry for the delay, I had to work yesterday so I couldn't get to the blog! Here are some pictures from Brice of people that have been to our house. The first is of Amy, a wonderful friend and great photographer. She had come over to do some of Anna when we brought her home from CHOA and Brice was not a fan of her taking Anna's picture. If Anna whimpered, he would tell us to, "Stop, she doesn't like it!". But for those of you who have seen Amy's work, it's amazing!

The other guest in our home is Suzanne. She has been keeping the kids for me while I either work or run errands or do whatever. I work with her at Northside and have known her for eight years. She loves the kids and that makes me love her! Thanks Amy and Suzanne for being Brice's subjects and GUESTS IN OUR HOME!

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