Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Becoming a Girly-Girl

Anna has definitely been showing us just how girly she may be. If she sees a necklace or anything that could hang around her neck, she promptly puts it on! Here she is wearing one of my necklaces but she is known to wear Brice's pirate necklace with skulls and crossbones on it as well as one of his sashes that is intended to be a sword holder!And then there are the baby dolls. I think we now have five dolls. She has taken to the one below lately and hugs her and carries her around in one hand while Carly-bunny is in the other! When I went into her room to get her up this morning she was snuggling with both of them! And then she would not let go of this doll when I put her in her high chair! The doll now has a lovely banana scent!
I know there will be a day when she wants to drive Tonka trucks around or play baseball like her brother but for now I'm enjoying her wearing pink, dressing up and being a little mommy!

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Rachel said...

So cute! Abigail loves to put on necklaces and carry baby dolls around too! I bet she and Anna would be friends!