Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Wolf and a Hyena

The other day it was too cold or windy or rainy to go outside so Brice decided he wanted to pretend that he was a hyena and I was a wolf. "And you can go hunt for me mom and bring some dinner and I'll eat it in my cave." The cave built out of pillows by the wolf. Do you see the trend here? Once a man, always a man. I found him a Bunny Pez and brought him that for his "dinner".There is the sneaky hyena peeking out of his cave. Watch out! He's vicious.
Sorry, forgot to rotate this picture!
I guess he doesn't look that vicious after all, huh? He's actually pretty cute, so cute that I (the wolf) might have to snack on him!
Happy Creations to all those who are running out of things to do with their kids because of the weather!

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Lauren said...

amen to that! Come on warm temps!