Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Knew it...And I'm Still Not Ready...

I knew Anna would be a climber. I just knew it. I knew it before she was born, before I knew she was a girl. How? Because Brice wasn't a climber. And no mom can have no climbers. She is so agile and little she just puts her little leg up and grabs on and up she goes. Today she mastered Brice's chairs. She is so proud of herself. She got up there today while Brice was in school and then fell out and hit her forehead, which now has a red mark. Even though I knew it, I am still not ready for it. I think Brice's face says it all!
You got it, standing is much, much better. As if doing CPR on her didn't take enough years off my life!
I am also not ready for her to be such a big girl and sit at this table and eat a snack like she is three years old.
"What Mom? Graham crackers on a green marker stained table are so good."
"I'm so cute and that's why you don't get mad at me!"


Aunt Blaire said...

Next comes climbing trees to jump out of onto the trampoline! Just sayin', it was always fun to me!!

Kelly said...

Ha! I used to get that concerned face from Justin all of the time. As I got to be a teenager that look changed from "why did you do that? Mom is going to kill you!" :-)