Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drink, Please!

On the rocks. Frozen, with salt, without. It doesn't matter!

Tonight, wow. Had a great day. Went shopping with Anna. Got some new snazzy shoes for Blaire's wedding. Some new pants for Brice who has either been praying a lot or playing a lot because his pants keep ripping open at the knees. Picked Brice (and his cold) up from school. Non-stop coughing and blowing his nose this afternoon. Watched a NatGeo show on Dinosaurs, Perfect Predators if you're wondering. The kid is obsessed.

Got Anna up from her nap and things went downhill. I don't think she was fully awake when Brice bounded in her room and threw on the light. The one side of her face still had sheet marks on it and her cheeks were rosy. When I picked her up she was still nice and toasty from being all snug. (Can you tell I like to sleep?). Anyway, once Brice is in your face, there is no going back to sleep, so up she got. I fixed her a snack and then she kept pointing to something on my desk. And Justin will tell you how unorganized my "command center" is so who knows what Anna wanted. She is in that phase of point and grunt, whine, squeal to get what she wants. I am sooooo ready for some words to come out of her mouth.

After her snack, she still wasn't satisfied, just wanted me to hold her and kept reaching for stuff on my desk but half of it she can't play with because she'll either break it or mess it up. Then Brice starts asking for a snack which it's 5:15 so I just tell him, let's eat dinner. So, I make him a sandwich ("peanut butter and jelly in two HUUUUUGGGGE triangles"). I should just plan dinner because it ends up being so much more hectic when they are both starving and I'm scrambling to come up with something to feed them. And scramble I did. An egg, for Anna and myself. Which she didn't eat, but just whined and looked at an old picture of Brice, Justin and Larry. She ate some bread and a few peaches. And whined. Did I mention that already?

So, after that we headed upstairs to play for a while. Brice acted a fool and was delirious because he's so tired he doesn't know what to do with himself. In a goofy way, not upset. Six thirty rolled around and I put Anna in her jammies and then headed to Brice's bathroom to bath him with some J&J vapor bath. We received some gingerbread scent foam soap for Christmas. You're supposed to be able to make shapes in the bath water with it and Brice wanted to give it a try. Well, it was really hard to push down on the dispenser so I took it and started squirting this stuff. Giggles erupted from the tub as this stuff filled the bathroom looking like fettuccine alfredo and smelling like a gingerbread house. He thought it was so funny. I told him he could put it on his face and play with it.

So he starts putting on his face like a "lion" and Anna go into hysterics. So upset. Tears. Wants me to hold her. Wants me to leave the bathroom with her. She is scared to death. I tell her it's just Brice. And then Brice.

"I don't like it! Get it off! It stinks! Hurry, Mom!". And then his tears start.

I tell him to calm down because he is scaring Anna even more. Not sure what happened in the span of 30 seconds but Lord, have mercy!

I finally get him rinsed off but he is still bawling and so is Anna. She is getting wet because I have to keep removing her from the bathroom while I try to wash Brice but she wants to be picked up. I then turn around with her in my arms to find Justin standing there with open arms for her! He said he figured he better come up before I kill myself or one of them!

So, Brice gets out of the tub, screaming because this gingerbread stuff is sticking to his feet. Rinse the feet. Dry him off. Dry the tears. Blow the nose. Find Anna who is still crying and reaching for me. Justin takes over with Brice while I find Anna's paci and Carly and to bed we go. Justin plays a quick game of War with Brice and then tells him goodnight.

And now, I need a drink! Just one of those days, I guess.


Kelly said...

Girl! I'm exhausted! Go get some sleep!

Katie and Dave said...

Must be something in the water....Charlie was out of sorts tonight too (which he rarely is) adn whined a fool....what the heck????

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing! Every Mom on the planet has had one of those days. It's much funnier when it happens to someone else. Tomorrow is a new day : ) Hang in there. Love, Nana

Rachel said...

Ha, Ha!!! Oh, I so could have written that!!! I hate it when my kids start asking for snacks at 5:15!!! And EK does the same thing to poor Abigail as soon as she hears one little peep out of her as she is waking up. I hope you get that drink:)