Friday, January 8, 2010

Swirling in My Head

I have had lots of different things I've been wanting to post so this is a random list of all the thoughts swirling around.

1) Our year is over. January 8th, 2009 we brought Anna home, again. We got to be the family that I missed so much for those nine/ten days. It's amazing that she was only at the house two weeks before she got sick but when I would come home from the hospital, the feeling that someone was missing was instantaneous. This of course began our "house arrest" until April. Not the days I care to remember but it could've been a lot worse so...

2) It actually snowed here. I will post pictures soon. To sum it up, Brice went outside to play and the snow that had fallen could not even be stuck together enough to make a snow ball. I am a total cold wimp, seriously. Twenty minutes out there and I couldn't feel my fingers or my toes. And the wind was blowing and I hate wind. So, I said to Brice, "How does hot chocolate sound?" "And a movie?". He said, "Definitely, hot chocolate but no to the movie." Heaven help us if we sit still for five minutes during the day.

3) Brice had some friends over to play from school. He loved it. The boys he had over are twins. The three of them giggled like girls the entire time they were here. I don't know what was so funny but they all had fun together. Pictures of this to come as well.

4) Anna is getting better and better at walking!! She is more apt to take steps now instead of just dropping down to crawl. She usually takes about 6-8 steps towards something before she either slips or decides crawling will be faster. I think maybe by next week we'll have a true walker on our hands. We shall see though, I thought she would be walking long before this and she is just "chicken"!

5) I want what happened with Anna to be a lesson learned to those around us. Please take infant/child CPR if you have not already and/or if you are around kids. And for that matter, take the adult CPR class as well. I just had to renew my CPR for work and it really is an easy thing to learn. I think most people are scared to be able to say, "I know CPR" but chances are the person you would be saving is one of those closest to you. And, even if you were to use it, and didn't do it perfectly, it would probably be enough until the "pros" arrived to help. I know I didn't do it exactly right on Anna but it got the job done. So, please, please consider putting this on your New Year's list of things to do. And encourage those around you to do the same!

Okay, I will post some pictures and a little video (hopefully) that correlate with these thoughts! So, stay tuned.

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Janna said...

You should be a CPR instructor. There is a course in Feb at NSH...or I bet you could find one closer. You could teach it a churches or daycares around where you live. Malia says its good money....and you could share your story and your knowledge :)