Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sports Fanatic

Brice has become OBSESSED with sports. Justin and I are not sure what made him get so into it but this kid is serious. It doesn't matter who is playing or what sport. If it's on, he needs to know the following:

-who is playing
-where they are playing
-which team is wearing which color
-what their mascot is
-which team is "supposed" to win
-what jersey number each player is along with his name
-whether or not they are professional or college

and then he will remember all of this on top of

-who won
-what the score was
-who scored the most points, individually

I thought it was bad with Justin in the house during college football season but this kid has opened up a whole new world of sports fanatic. Football, baseball, basketball, college, professional, minor league, it. doesn't. matter. Justin has taken him to a couple of basketball games in Athens to see the Bulldogs play. Luckily, they won both games because the Dawgs aren't the best this year. Brice must be a good omen because they beat Tech as well as Tennessee!

I had to make him go to bed tonight at half time of the Georgia vs. South Carolina game. Of course, he made me find the radio station that was announcing the game so he could listen to it while falling asleep. And I guarantee in the morning the first question out of his mouth will be, "Who won the game last night?". And the second will be "What was the score?".

Tomorrow is his T-ball evaluation to see what team he is going to be on. Justin and I are nervous for him. So crazy, I know. It's just T-ball but we of course want him to do well. I guess if he doesn't turn out to be good at sports he can be a really great fan! As long as he isn't one of those that paints his body! I'll let you know how our little guy does!


Rachel said...

That's so cute!!!! Jeff was like that as a kid! And, I totally agree that our little one year old girls are a LOT alike!

Janna said...

LOL I am sure he will be sad to hear that the GAMECOCKS WON!!!!! I was watching the game. They played well....and what a week beating UK earlier in the week! Maybe its a good thing he fell asleep :)

Jennifer said...

Yea, Janna, if that damn COCK crowed one more time, I thought I was going to have to drive to Columbia and...GO DAWGS!!

Janna said... was good to see you the other day!