Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nothing Important

I have nothing important to say. Nothing is going on here. Brice had a cold, now Anna's nose is running like a faucet and I have that feeling in my throat that I am the next victim. My house is so messy and I'm trying not to look at it. I don't feel like cleaning it up. I don't want to leave the house though because it is rainy and cold and I want little Anna to rest so she gets better. All I have been doing is searching online for a dress for Anna to wear to Blaire's wedding and for Easter. I finally found one that I really like and guess what, it's on backorder. Annoying. So, today, I'm going to try and straighten up here and there. I need to run the vacuum but never can because either someone is trying to nap or Justin is on a call. So, there are crumbs all over every floor of my house. I do have to say though...

I am excited that it is February! I changed the background of the blog to reflect Valentines Day and the blue is for Brice. My first born. His favorite colors are blue and red. Which is weird because when I was pregnant with him, girl or boy, I wanted to do the room in blue and red. So now I can blog in blue and red. My first born will be five in two short weeks, what the heck? He is so excited to be five. He has wanted to be five since he turned four. I am excited for him. I need to send out his invitations. Maybe that is what I will do next. Or look at more dresses. Or shower, that might be a good idea. Again, nothing important to say, just thought you might want to know what we are not up to. See you soon. Love the one you're with!

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Aunt Blaire said...

you might suffer from seasonal depression ;)