Monday, June 28, 2010

Hodge Podge

This post is going to consist of a lot that has happened over the past few days. We have been busy! Last week was the end of swim lessons for Anna and Brice spent the whole week at basketball camp. He absolutely LOVED it. He was very tired at the end of the day but he won two out of three awards given out to his age group! Justin was there for the "awards ceremony" and afterwards two girls from camp came up to Brice and said, "Good job, Brice" in their sing songy voice! I guess he impressed some ladies while he was showing his skills! He received awards for "Free Throw Champion" and "Knock Out Champion". We are proud of him and hope that he wants to keep playing. What a great way to expend some energy.

So, Friday, I met up with my friend Keira who has two surviving triplets, Avery and Lily at the Suwanee Fountains. Keira recently moved to Mississippi so she had a bunch of friends from Georgia there and we all had a picnic. I was the only one there who didn't have multiples! Made me very thankful as most of them were not just multiples but premature as well. I also ended up seeing a high school friend there whose blog I follow as well. It was fun to see her in the flesh rather than on blog world! There are pictures below of Anna playing at the fountains. I didn't load these pictures in the right order so this post truly is a Hodge Podge!

Then, Saturday I headed up to Dahlonega to volunteer with the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation at a golf tournament. We had a nice time and it was beautiful up there but most of all, it was for a good cause and I know this foundation is just going to get bigger and keep helping those in need. Zoe's mom, Keira is just awesome and such a go-getter when it comes to assisting families who have had preemies and need resources. Although the foundation is really just a preemie itself right now, its going to do great and not only reach but surpass all of it's "milestones"!! Thank you, Keira for letting me be involved.

And, Sunday I worked. But, while I worked, Justin and Brice has some fun of their own. Scaly, slithering fun that is. As I am sure you saw in the first picture. Brice's friend Myles from school turned six or will on Wednesday and so he opted for a reptile birthday party. Brice had no problem touching those animals and told me that the cake was awesome with the snake in the shape of a six. I am already fearing that come February he will be requesting the same thing. I am not sure I could handle these creatures in my house, just look below...

All he needs is a Baby Bijorn and he would be right at home! Just call him the Croc Hunter!
Brice and the birthday boy.
This turtle's name is "Big Joe".

And here is Anna warming up to the fountains.

She obviously got the hang of it and in this picture walked right up to another little girl and just stared her down!
If my rear looked like this...
...I would wear ruffles too!

We obviously wore her out, she fell asleep after about five minutes in the car.
And here are a few of my girl in her "yac-et" (jacket). She had to wear it for her last day of swim lessons and then after it dried, she wanted it back on.
"Look at me, aren't I sooo cool? I can drink from a cup with one hand, in my pink jacket!"
And most importantly, today we took Anna for a visit at the cardiologist. I was very nervous for this visit, not because of her VSD but because she is 18 months old and I knew keeping her still was going to be a challenge. Well, she rose to the occasion and we did pull out all the stops to keep her still during a 12-lead EKG and an ultrasound of her heart. We had stickers, bubbles, little flashing lights and singing. We went through all the animals noises that she knew too! She did really, really well and we received really good news! Her VSD is getting even smaller and the Dr. feels as though surgery is becoming less and less likely (as in less than 5% chance)!!! We are very excited knowing that God is taking such good care of her. He did say that "we aren't out of the woods just yet" but he doesn't want to see her for another nine months. We are so thankful for our sweet, spunky girl and her big brother who takes such good care of her. We know she is going to be just fine.

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Awesome news from the cardiologist. Cute pics too!