Thursday, June 3, 2010

Now That It's Over

Okay, so I admit it. I am sad the wedding is over. I have been in a funk this past week. I can't figure out if it's because the kids are now with me full time or if I'm really tired this week from the past week or if I just want to make this face all the time...
...because I'm not sure how I feel, Now That It's Over. We arrived back home Sunday and haven't stopped since. Brice and Justin had upset tummies on Sunday night and poor Brice thought throwing up once must mean he is going to be down and out for a full week. Monday, we continued to unpack and put things away with a little laundry here and there. And then we prepared for this week which meant swimming lessons. Everyday. It has made me feel a little like this...

Both the kids are doing a program called Infant Resource Swimming (ISR). I know Brice is not an infant but the whole concept is to teach kids how to swim-float-swim should they fall into a body of water. I started out wanting Anna to have it because I know she wants to do anything and everything that Brice does. And then I wanted Brice to have stroke lessons because the doggy paddle will only cut it for so long. Anna's instructor felt that Brice needed a little more refreshing on what to do in deeper water before learning the strokes. The good and the bad of being tall I guess because Brice is able to touch bottom in almost every area of our neighborhood pool. And so, the lessons are going well. Today was day 3 and Anna cried less than the other two days and Brice, that kid swam from one end of the pool to the other doing his swim-float-swim pattern. I was so proud of him!

And, I am now feeling more like myself again after a few days. Our routine came to a sudden halt just before the wedding with school ending, T-ball finishing up and all I could think about was getting through the wedding. Now that it's over and my kids are back with me-24/7, I might add-I am having to find my new normal for the summer. We have also had to cut Anna's morning nap because of the time of swim lessons so we're all adjusting to new things around here! So, now that busy May is over, we are into busy June! Swim lessons for Anna will continue through June, every day, Monday through Friday. Brice will probably have one more week and then he starts basketball camp the 21st. We are supposed to go to the beach the week of July 5th, please pray that God puts his big thumb in the oil leak and just stops it so that we can go!

Some pictures of some old and some new...

Brushing her teeth, she loves to do this.

Coloring while I make dinner. I put our travel booster seat on one of the bar stools so that Anna can be near her big brother.

And for those of you who know Anna well, know that this is the face she makes when you ask her where her nose is. Nothing new there!

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Lauren said...

great up close pics! New camera? We have a family beach trip in the middle of July...a little worried myself.