Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not A Soldier

Brice is definitely a Type A personality. He likes to know exactly what to expect out of his day. He likes to know what time things are happening. And he thrives, as most kids do, on his routine. He totally understands the digital clock. And he is a "time" person meaning he likes to know what time it is and he also likes to be on time. Kind of like his mother. The kid could be a soldier.

So, a couple of weeks ago, Grandad called to say he would come by to take Brice swimming. He said he would get to the house around 1pm. To Brice, this means 1:00 p.m. on. the. dot. So, Brice gets his swimming suit on around noon, because, you know, he doesn't want to be late! He eats lunch and then he waits. When Brice is expecting visitors, he goes outside to wait for them, no matter the temperature outside. He comes back in because I'm sure he's about to melt like a popsicle, and reads the clock. 1:02pm.

"Mom, where is Grandad? It's 1:02, he's late"

"Brice, he said around one, not right at one o'clock. He's not a soldier. (Which actually my dad was but that is beside the point.)

"What does a soldier do?"

"Soldiers are on time everywhere, no matter what. They can't be late for anything or they get in big trouble. I'm sure Grandad is very close."

A few minutes later Grandad shows up and all is well, including the visit to the pool.

Skip ahead a few weeks. We've decided to get a few quotes for interior shutters. The first lady is set to come one afternoon at 2pm. She calls around 1:45 to say she is on her way and should be at our house soon. I hang up and Brice asks me if it is the "blinds lady". Yes, I tell him, and she is on her way. A quick look at the clock by Brice.

"Well, you know Mom, she's Not a Soldier, so she might not be here right at two."

They listen to every word.

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