Thursday, June 17, 2010

Measuring Up

Anna had a great check-up today! She now weighs 22lbs and 11oz (25%) and Measures Up at 33.75 inches (95%). She is the only toddler I have ever seen who doesn't have dimples on her thighs and behind! She is a lean, mean, smiling machine! She had to get two shots today and did well with them. Screamed, turned bright red and gave me a hug. Then when we got in the car she reached down and pulled her band-aids off herself! The doctor said she can tell she is strong willed. We like to call it determined!

A few things I forgot to mention in her 18 month post. Her favorite phrase is probably "uh-oh" and she loves to use it when appropriate and after she throws something on purpose. Sometimes when she says it, she reminds me of Rainman. She also likes to go to the stairs and have me hold her hand going up and she counts with me as we go up. And lastly, she has become a little lover dishing out the hugs and kisses to everyone when she wants to. I love seeing her go up to Brice and put her arm around him and lean her head into him. So cute and sweet!

FYI: Not that you can compare apples to oranges but Brice at 18months was 27lbs. 8oz (71%) and 35.5 (99%).

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