Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drink, Please, Part II

This morning was rough. I had planned on taking the kids to the pool after Anna's swim lesson but after putting my suit on first thing morning and making breakfast, I noticed that the clouds were pretty thick. I checked weather.com and it predicted rain for the two hours that we are usually there swimming. So, I changed our plans. Anna needs some new "tennis" shoes so I thought we'll just hop on 85 after her lesson and go to the outlet for some new shoes, plus I need to return a pair of shorts that I bought for Brice. Swim lessons were rough. Anna is so mad during these lessons, and I just feel bad for her. Not to mention, when the girl is mad, the girl is loud! Gee, whiz, I felt bad for the other kids waiting because the girl can yell. Anyway, after that was over, we changed her and hopped over to 85. Immediately upon driving down the ramp, I saw brake lights. And lots of them. Then, I saw those dreaded orange signs meaning there was construction. But, oh no, there was not just construction, there was an accident, blocking all lanes. The next exit was FIVE miles away. And, we were sitting still. Having no idea when the accident happened I thought I could wait it out. Wrong. Brice starts moaning. Luckily, I had brought some granola bars with me so I fed them both one of those. The traffic was barely moving.

New plan! Get off the highway and pick up some lunch, then we can get back on after the traffic has died down. Brice is not a fan of this plan. So, I start thinking. Another place to eat? We could meet someone? Or, we could go pick up lunch and go to the park? It's overcast and not too hot. Brice could run off some steam. That's it. Brice agrees.

We arrive at Chick-fil-A. I order. Apparently, my order is complicated. 4-count nugget, 6-count nugget, a sandwich and two sweet teas. We review the order. I pay, get through the line, out to the intersection and there is only one thing of nuggets in the bag. Really? Anna is already saying, "Mmmmm". And, Brice is getting rude because he is so hungry and mad that I won't just open ten packets of ketchup for him and let him chow down in the car. I think, I'll just share my sandwich with Anna and Brice can have his six pack. The park is two minutes away for your information so he wasn't going to die by the time we got there! We arrive at the park after being in the car for over an hour in order to go five miles, get to Chick-fil-A, and to the park. Ridiculous. During this time, the sun decides to come out in full force. So, should've stuck to plan A which was go to the pool!!!! Instead, I have wasted all this time and gas trying to run a silly errand. I am so frustrated at this point. And, guess who is at the park? Not one, not two, but THREE bus loads of daycares. I kind of wanted to just dissolve into tears.

Brice did choose to wear his bright red Georgia baseball cap and for that I was thankful so I could find him in the sea of children. I get the kids out of the car, I open the nugget box to find FOUR nuggets. Oh my goodness! Brice says, "Mom, I need those nuggets, Anna can just eat some of yours." Well, yes, that is what she will have to do. We eat, quickly, because Brice wants to play and we are all hungry.

We play and it is getting hotter. Have I put a drip of sunscreen on these kids? Nope! About midway through Anna starts running off, so I go to chase her only my foot gets stuck. I look down. A big, fat wad of gum is stuck to it. I scrap it off and go pick Anna up to redirect her. When I turn around all of the daycare kids have retreated to the pavilion to eat lunch. Perfect. And then, I don't see Brice. Seriously, I don't see him anywhere. Where is he? I pick Anna up and go look for him. Maybe he is hiding. I look around every nook and cranny. No red hat. I am starting to panic a little. Justin is out of town and I can't call him to tell him that I lost Brice. I call his name. And then I see him running with his red hat from the other corner of the playground.

"Where were you?"

"I was over there in that little house in the shade. Can we go now? I'm hot."

Yes, we can go now but only if you have a stiff drink for me when we get home!!!

Of course, I did not really say this but I wanted to. The afternoon has been much better. Again, I am just still adjusting to having Brice around all day long. And, when I say around, I mean right next to me. I love the kid but wow, I can't wait for basketball camp! So, to all the mothers out there, let's all take a deep breath, say a prayer for patience, and try to enjoy our summers!!


Nana said...

What can I say - some days are better than others! Tomorrow is a new day - thank goodness.

Kelly said...

Haha! I love it. "Mom, I need those nuggets." That cracks me up. That so sounds like a little Justin. At least know that I found some humor in your day :)