Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eighteen Months!

Tomorrow, Anna turns 18 months. I can't believe it. Really. One and a half. I don't like it at all. I mean, I love being around her right now because she is so funny and entertaining, but I don't like it because in a few months it will be over. She is just a doll right now and her little mind absorbs everything. She is a copy cat. Anything we do, once, she takes in and spits right back out! It's amazing to me. She understands just about anything we say to her. Some of her favorite things are: following Brice wherever he goes, flowers, sunglasses, shoes (fufs), necklaces ("le-da-le-da-le"~anything that has multiple syllables or she can't pronounce she does this funny thing with her tongue and that is what is sounds like!), playing outside with Brice's baseballs, blowing bubbles, climbing on anything, coloring, playing "tea" and with Carly. She also loves to pretend to talk on Justin's old blackberry, sit at my computer, and lounge on the couch with Justin, and give high fives.

I wish all of you could just spend a day with her because I could just eat her up right now and think she is the sweetest thing. Sure, she is definitely an 18 month old and has started with the temper tantrums. And, can I just tell you that it is the definition of tantrum? Brice, never once, had a tantrum. I'm not kidding. He would get mad and make a pouty face or cry but he never melted into the floor, threw his head back, and kicked his legs like this girl does. My favorite part is when she throws her head back a little too hard and it hurts and then she forgets what she's wanting and can't have and comes to me with her little lip out saying, "mama, mama" with her arms up. I could also do without the throwing of items, especially the sippy cup but all in all I am totally in love with this little girl. And that is why I don't want her to get bigger right now. We head to the pediatrician on the 17th so I'll update the stats then, as well as other funny things she says, like today she said "dude" after Justin said it. Here are a few pictures of her favorite things...

Pushing Carly around in her strollerFavorite place to hip.
She has started this new thing in the mornings when I get out of the shower she wants to sit on my vanity so we can brush our teeth together and she plays with the faucet while I get ready.
She also sticks her cute little nose forward so I can apply a little blush once I'm done with my cheeks.
Climbing up and sitting on the chair or bed. She will take a book up there with her or if the TV is on, she will scrunch down until she is snuggled in the corner.
Anna would love to be able to blow bubbles but for right now she just tastes them, yuck!
Happy 18 Months, Anna! We love you!


Lauren said...

Adorable! I think Haley and Anna must be a lot alike. She gets mad and swats her arms. I can see her flinging herself on the floor in a few months :) Davis looks at her wondering what in the world her problem is... Haley's 1yr apt is tomorrow.

Kelly said...

So, so cute! I can't believe she's 18 months either! She's going to be a well rounded little gal. She'll wear necklaces and have tea parties with the girls and play baseball with Brice. My kinda gal!