Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day

Here we are already at Father's Day when I feel like we just had Mother's Day. I find myself at the house, alone which any other day I would love...but today I feel like I should be pampering Justin just as he pampered me on Mother's Day. He took the kids up to the lake to spend some time with his dad, my awesome father-in-law. This afternoon we will head down to my parents to see my dad, who in my eyes, could never be replaced by any other person.

I think our dads today are doing so much more than dads years ago. Same goes for all the working mothers out there. But the dads, they hold so much on their shoulders and I think sometimes I forget how much pressure they may feel. Being financially responsible, taking care of their wife and all of their needs, and then of course being there for their children. I always felt that my dad was there in my life whether it was taking me to ballet or helping me with algebra or just having a good chat. He was the first one out of bed when we called to say that Brice was ready to make his entrance into the world and I know he would do anything for Blaire and me, no questions asked. We have always thought of Rod Stewart's "Forever Young" as one of our songs and the line that says, "But whatever road you choose, I'm right behind you win or lose" couldn't be more true. And now, seeing my dad play with my kids is the most wonderful sight. I love that my kids not only get to have their dad but also my dad, "Grandad"! Happy Father's Day!

And as for Larry, who grew up most of his life without his own father, has taught Justin so much and I cannot thank him enough. If it weren't for Larry, Justin would not be the father he is today and I think Justin is the best, of course! ;) So, Happy Father's Day to my wonderful father-in-law who has proved himself over and over again just how much he loves his family. He is also a wonderful "Pa"!

Justin, you are the greatest. You have known since the beginning that you wanted to have a family and you picked me to do it with. How thankful I am for that. You never hesitate when it comes to Brice and Anna, always sticking up for them and supporting them whole-heartedly. You are so proud of your kids and it shows everyday. You stayed with Anna every night in that hospital, no exceptions for your little girl. You have taught me a thing or two about just relaxing and that things don't always have to be done one way. You are a wonderful protector always looking out for their safety and a great teacher, being patient when I can't. You provide for your family in more ways than one and I believe that when Brice and Anna look back on their childhood they will realize just how blessed they are to have you as their Dad. Happy Father's Day, sweetie!!! I love you!


Janna said...

So sweet...such lucky kids and you!

Kelly said...

Love this and I couldn't agree more! :-)