Friday, June 11, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Made it to the store to get Anna some new "fufs". That is what she calls shoes. Not sure if she is combining shoes and flip-flops or what but she was very pleased when I put these on her yesterday in the store. Wouldn't let me take them off. And the girl has some big feet like her brother, just not so wide. The lady told me she was measuring a 6/6.5 so maybe buy her a 7! What? Her flip flops are fives so I tried the sevens on and they were huge! I went with the 6.5. I think she truly wears a 5.5/6 so she has some room to grow. And, look below...I have had my eye on these darling sandals since the beginning of the season. They were on the clearance rack so I bought her some and was so excited when she saw them and wanted me to put them on her feet! Sandals...a must have for little girls in the summertime! At least for my little girl. So, not just one but two Missions Accomplished!

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